2014 STEFT – Stop 2: Magic Mountain Results

Dunne and Sullivan Take 1st at Southern Vermont
Freeskiing Challenge

Words:  Chris James / Ski The East SkiEO
Photos:  Tim Fater / timfater.com,  Jeb Wallace-Brodeur / flickr.com/photos/photojeb,
& Jake Sporn / jake-sporn.com

The second stop of the 5th annual Ski The East Freeride Tour (STEFT) dished out classic Eastern conditions.  With temperatures hitting -10°F on the morning of the competition, the Black Line course offered variable conditions throughout.  Fortunately with some mystical powers that are commonly bestowed upon Magic Mountain, the mercury rapidly rose into the mid-20’s by the time the event began and the sun was shining bright.  The upper rock ledge section of Black Line had been unskied for over a week, so the snow depth and powder was plentiful.  The mid and lower sections of the course remained firm and with multiple sections of exposure, which forced all competitors to ski technically and added another element of difficulty to each run.  These factors combined made for a challenging course that’s unlike any of the other three northern Vermont stops on the Tour.

TFater_STEFT14_Magic-17_LR2Last pitch of the Black Line venue showing some teeth with its rock exposure.  Photo: Tim Fater
Upper section of Black Line chomping down on Aidan Casner.  Photo: Jeb Wallace-Broduer

With 78 registered competitors, and Stop 1 Mad River Glen Unconventional Terrain Competition’s male and female champs Carter Snow and Macky Young returning to defend their podiums, the athletes had to approach the course wisely with the challenging snowpack.  The show went off with several hard charging runs with one 1/10th of a point separating the Men’s 2nd and 3rd place finishers, and each of the 1st through 3rd place women being separated by only one point or less.

2013 Overall STEFT champion, Griffin Dunne, airing his way to the top of the podium.
Photo: Jeb Wallace-Broduer
1st place womens-2_LR2
Magic Mountain women’s winner Annie Sullivan charging the upper cliff band section of Black Line.
Photo: Jake Sporn

Taking the top spots were Griffin Dunne for the men and Annie Sullivan for the women, scoring 33.75 and 30.55 respectively (out of 50 points).  Dunne finished 3rd at Mad River Glen’s (MRG) Stop 1, and now sits in 1st place in the overall Ski The East Freeride Tour (STEFT) standings.  Carter Snow, with his 4th place Magic finish and win at MRG, is close behind in the overall standings trailing by only 11 points.  With Sullivan’s 1st place finish, she has moved into 4th place in the overall tour standings for the women.  Currently, Macky Young holds on to 1st, thanks to her Magic Mountain’s 4th place finish and 1st place finish at MRG.

Nick Edwards scoring some extra points in the style category, 1 of the 5 judging criteria.
Photo: Jeb Wallace-Broduer
Men’s 2nd place Magic finisher Andreya Zvonar, and 2013 STEFT standout SJ Grundon, at the starting gate of the venue.  Photo: Tim Fater
Wylie Picotte with textbook form while navigating the ledges of upper Black Line.

Photo: Jeb Wallace-Broduer

The Cliff Huckstable Best Air Award, presented by Bern helmets, went to Greg Murray for a good old fashioned high speed huck on the upper section of the course.  He landed up in 16th place for the day at Magic.

Another $1,000 was awarded to all male and female podium finishers, along with a mountain of prizes from all tour sponsors as well as Magic Mountain.  The night closed out with the STEFT’s aprés retro party, presented by Vermont Spirits and Long Trail, complete with fireworks and shot-skis tipping up non-stop.

Cliff Huckstable Winner
Greg Murray, winner of the Cliff Huckstable Best Air Award presented by Bern Unlimited.  He took home a new lid, Bern swag, an ugly sweater, and a framed photo of the Bill Cosby – the pioneer of
the look.  Photo:  Jake Sporn
Women’s podium.  1st – Annie Sullivan,  2nd – Maddie Khamnei,
3rd – Elle Matalavage,  4th – Macky Young (far right),  5th – Abbie SIlverstein (far left).
Photo: Jake Sporn
Men’s podium.  1st – Griffin Dunne,  2nd – Andreya Zvonar,  3rd – Ben Friedman,
4th – Carter Snow,  5th – Davis Lentz.  Photo: Jake Sporn
men and womens 1st_LR
Your 2014 Stop 2 STEFT champs of Magic Mountain’s Southern Vermont Freeskiing Challenge,
Annie Sullivan and Griffin Dunne.  Photo: Jake Sporn



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Stop 3 of the STEFT is this Saturday March 8th with Sugarbush’s Castlerock Extreme Challenge.  Pre-registration is almost capped out at 80, with only ~20+ spots available for day-of registration.

For more information on the Ski The East Freeride Tour and its 2 remaining stops, check out  www.SkiTheEast.net/FreerideTour

Magic Mountain Southern Vermont Freeskiing Challenge
Stop 2 – 2014 Ski The East Freeride Tour

1st – Griffin Dunne
2nd – Andreya Zvonar
3rd – Ben Friedman
4th – Carter Snow
5th – David Lentz

1st – Annie Sullivan
2nd – Maddie Khamnei
3rd – Elle Matalavage
4th – Macky Young
5th – Abbie Silverstein

Best Air
Greg Murray



Magic Mountain Southern Vermont Freeskiing Challenge
Stop 2 – 2014 Ski The East Freeride Tour

1 Griffin Dunne 33.75
2 Andreya Zvonar 32.55
3 Ben Friedman 32.45
4 Carter Snow 32.30
5 Davis Lentz 31.60
6 Victor Major 31.15
7 Dylan Dipentima 31.10
8 Noah Ranallo 30.65
9 Jace Provance 30.40
10 Ethan Holcomb 30.05
11 Cole Phillips 30.00
12 Christopher Prado 29.85
13 Matthew Devereux 29.80
14 Nicholas Edwards 29.45
15 Tim McClellan 29.25
16 Greg Murray 35.00 *Best Air
17 Daniel Hatheway 28.95
18 Elias Joslin 28.90
19 Troy Sherman 28.75
20 Aidan Warren 28.65
21 Alex Krylov 28.25
22 Zack Meyer 28.15
23 David DiMarco 27.80
24 Nick Lyons 27.55
25 Trevor Dericks 27.30
26 Jacob Pratt 26.70
27 Evan Vavpetic 26.55
28 Michael Durkin 26.20
29 William Elliot 26.05
30 Max Lewis 26.00
31 Jack Tague 25.85
32 Wylie Picotte 25.40
33 Jeffrey Green 25.10
34 Matthew Green 24.60
35 Galen Salatino 24.45
36 Jack Manzi 24.00
37 Evan Koncewicz 23.95
38 Eli Friedman 23.20
39 Nate Sullivan 23.15
40 Andrew Rianhard 22.95
41 John Fortuna 22.65
42 Malcom Purinton 22.45
43 Austin Bernache 22.25
44 Natt King 21.60
44 Lucas Zelnick 21.60
46 Christopher Miemiec 21.45
47 Grady Corkum 20.70
48 Blake Kessler 20.25
49 Taylor Bond 20.20
50 Caitlin Kelly 18.95
51 Evan Lee 17.80
52 John Owen 16.75
53 Micah Ranallo DSQ
53 Hans Halvorsen DSQ
53 Aidan Casner DSQ
53 Brett Gorman DSQ
53 Ian Ford DSQ
53 Adam Silverstein DNS
1 Annie Sullivan 30.55
2 Maddie Khamnei 29.85
3 Elle Matalavage 28.85
4 Macky Young 28.65
5 Abbie Silverstein 28.25
6 Shannan Keysor 27.80
7 Leigh Brandenburg 27.40
8 Natalie Slade 26.20
9 Emily Boyden 26.10
10 Amelia Slade 26.05
11 Francesca Frost 25.50
12 Jane Eifert 23.25
13 Kelsey Colbert 23.15
13 Megan Ellmaker 23.15
13 Stefanie Hoffman 23.15
16 Morgan McGlashon 23.00
17 Caroline Kessler 22.20
18 Emily von Loesecke 21.40
19 SJ Grundon DSQ