Our Story

I’m Geoff McDonald and I co-founded Ski The East with Chris “Rooster” James back in 2005.  We’ve been working hard for over 10 years to promote our love for this sport and the unique mountain culture of the East Coast.

Ski The East was created for you: the passionate and dedicated Eastern Skier.  Out here, we’re a breed apart.  The tight trees, variable conditions and brutal weather have helped to produce some of the toughest and most talented skiers in the world.

We share a common identity and a common way of looking at the mountains.  Eastern skiers think positively: a 4 inch storm is a powder day, -10F is mild for January, and ice is simply referred to as “frozen granular.”

Take a gander at our story below to find out Why We Ski The East.





ourstory_2dudes2 dudes met at college in Vermont.  Yup, that’s us back in 2003.


ourstory_geofffilmWe started making East Coast ski movies…


ourstory_powderand realized that powder days could be pretty good out here.


ourstory_terrainThe terrain wasn’t bad either.


ourstory_parksNot to mention the parks…


ourstory_urbanand all the major cities that got dumped on each winter.


ourstory_mogulsGood lord… did we mention moguls?


ourstory_tour1So we took our movies (a.k.a. Meathead Films) on the road to hundreds of colleges and theaters over many years.


ourstory_tour2Which was fun…


ourstory_tour3and sort of crazy.


ourstory_ideaBut one day we got a wild idea…


ourstory_stickerwhich was really just a simple idea.


ourstory_firstshirtWe built on this concept of “Ski The East” for a long time.


ourstory_softshellWith a focus on apparel and accessories for hard core skiers.


ourstory_womenAnd not just for dudes either.


ourstory_storeThe idea has been working…


ourstory_ladiesteesthanks to amazing support from skiers like you.


ourstory_tattooAnd extra dedication from a select few.


ourstory_filmOh, and we still film rad skiing for online webisodes.


ourstory_steftPlus we host the Ski The East Freeride Tour at 6 resorts.


ourstory_nosnowSo it doesn’t matter if there’s no snow…


ourstory_rainor it’s pouring down rain.


ourstory_ice_ianThe ice just makes you go faster.


ourstory_stokedpeopleJoin us however you can…


ourstory_hammerhelmetwe’ll see you out on the hill.


That’s why we Ski The East.