Do you live east of the Mississippi and ski?  Hard?
Are you a member of your college ski club, ski team, or outing club?
Can you inspire, motivate, and spread the gospel of East Coast skiing like nobody else?
Would you like loads of free Ski The East gear and the chance to represent our brand at your school?
Were you Born From Ice?

From Virginia to Quebec to Michigan, Ski The East is seeking students ready to Keep The Shred Alive at their school for the 2016/17 season.  We need respected leaders or die-hard skiers of student organizations to become part of our Campus Shredder Squad.

Your mission?  Represent the brand at school, on the slopes, at club meetings, and across the galactic expanse of the internet.  Generate cold hard cash for your club by raffling off loads of Ski The East gear.  Hand out free stickers, posters, and group discount perks exclusively for members of your club.  Personally receive tons of free gear of your choice to look properly outfitted on campus at all times.  And, of course, enhance your resume with this most radical ambassador role.  Here are all the details you’ll need:


What Ski The East will provide to your club:
• Hundreds of dollars worth of gear to raffle off and raise money for the club
• Discount promo cards exclusive to club members
• Set of Meathead Films East Coast Ski Movie DVD’s to show at club events
• A righteous amount of STE posters
• Big ol’ stacks of stickers


If chosen to represent for your school, you will personally receive:
• Hundreds of dollars worth of the latest Ski The East gear
• Ski The East vinyl banner for your room
• Online store discount just for you

PLUS : More free gear and rewards if you especially crush it at your school

P.S. PLUS++ : The top 3 schools who generate the most stoke will receive a Ski The East Sponsored Party with $500 in prize giveaways, a custom engraved STE barnwood sign, and official Keeping The Shred Alive Certificate


Your Campus Shredder Squad responsibilities if selected:
1) Distribute Ski The East stoke, stickers, and posters at each club meeting / event
2) Hand out STE discount promo cards to club members and help generate traffic and sales to our online store.  The more times your club’s code is used for online purchases, the more free gear you’ll receive.
3) Contribute to our #STEshreddersquad at least once a week with either your personal and/or club social media account
4) Share / repost STE social media content regularly
5) Tag us via #skitheeast, #bornfromice or #keeptheshredalive to your own radical ski images
6) Wear your sweet STE gear around campus and at the mountain…  spread awareness of our brand and tell our story
7) Give feedback on STE gear so we can make our collection better every year… thanks to you!
8) Include periodic STE promotions in your club email newsletter
9) Participate in 3 video chats throughout the year:  Initial video chat to meet and greet our STE crew, make a connection, and build some rapport.  Another chat before the holiday break for a status update.  A final chat at end of winter to recap the program
10) Help us carry the torch for east coast skiing through thick and thin (snow cover)!