Artists of Ski The East

Our clothes are designed by an elite and professional team of artists, friends, and visionaries. Inspiration for our designs comes from our surroundings, and we aim to keep you inspired with our gear and accessories.  Here are a few people that are keeping the shred alive with fresh and unique designs:


Cade Beaulieu has been creating artwork for Ski The East clothing for the past five years.  He’s been with us since the very beginning as our lead designer; spearheading our logo branding initiatives, generating orignal concepts, and providing art direction.  Cade was born and raised in Portland, Maine, and is currently living in Bean Town where he’s employed full time at Converse Inc.  Check out some more of his personal work HERE

Tim joined the Ski The East artist fleet in 2011, with a modern look that meshes perfectly with our style.  As a Vermont native, Tim’s been in the ski world a long time, starting as the original artist for LINE skis, and is currently the lead designer for Atomic skis.  In between juggling his high end clients, where he works on projects that are 2-3 years in the future, we feel honored that he still finds the time to collaborate with Ski The East.