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Event Prizes/ Awards

$4,000 Cash Purse distributed throughout the 4 STEFT stops, with $1,000 allocated to each stop for all male and female podium finishers (top 3 in each category).
Each event’s 1st place male and female alpine ski winner will receive:
1)  TBD cash winnings
2)  The coveted STEFT custom “shot ski” (a stickered out retro ski with 4 shot glasses glued to it for group beverages)
3)  Ski The East prize package and additional prizes from resort and event sponsors

Each event’s overall Best Air award winner (male or female), deemed the “Cliff Huckstable Award” in honor of Bill Cosby and his character from The Cosby Show, will receive:
1)  Bern helmet and Bern prize pack including a ball cap, tee, stickers, and more
2)  Ugly sweater, Bill Cosby’s apparel of choice and a respected trend in the ski industry
3)  Framed photo of Bill Cosby, the Godfather of ugly sweaters

Other prizes will be awarded to top male and female alpine podium finishers by Ski The East.  Additional prizes will be awarded by host resorts for various categories, which can include alpine, telemark, & snowboard, with male & female divisions, depending on the tour stop.


STEFT has been officially sanctioned by the International Free Skiers Association (IFSA).  Therefore, each STEFT event will aim to uphold the rules and regulations established by the IFSA, including judging criteria and scoring parameters.

The 2010 Ski The East Freeride Tour Women’s overall winner, Ashley Maxfield, is currently competing in the 2014 Freeride World Tour.  During her first year on the tour when she competed in the 2010/2011 Subaru Freeskiing World Tour, Ashley ended her season with a third place overall finish.  For some more information on this success story of the STEFT, check out the following article:

Ski The East Freeride Tour Scoring & Judging

1.  STEFT will acquire results handed down by event judges at each individual event
2.  IFSA representative John Witherspoon will be official keeper of IFSA scoring system for the STEFT
3.  Top 15 competitors (1st place through 15th place) receive STEFT points
4.  Tour competitor(s) with most points at end of tour wins

Ski The East Freeride Tour Point System
Only the top 15 competitors from each event receive points towards the STEFT overall tour standings.  Those who place 16th and below will still be listed on the Standings page in order to have the complete results from each event.

Place | Points Place | Points
1st    |   100 9th    |   25
2nd   |    84 10th  |   21
3rd    |    71 11th  |   17
4th    |    60 12th  |   14
5th    |    50 13th  |   12
6th    |    42 14th  |   10
7th    |    35 15th  |    8
8th    |    30


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