Mid-Atlantic Powder Chase Delivers!

Interview by Alex Kaufman l STE Uneditor

A Mid-Atlantic powder edit? We thought the same thing. Don’t see these every day. So we reached out to Trevar Bennington who happens to be the insurance agent shred doctor who scored it. Read on for a bit more about what it takes to get the goods below the Mason Dixon while working for your weekends. 

Where do you live / ski most of the time?

I split my local skiing between Snowshoe Mountain WV (central WV) and Canaan Valley, WV (northern WV). I like to ski at a little hippie joint called Whitegrass where you can shred pow for days after a storm and there are no lifts so everything is earn your turns. There is an awesome local vibe of true diehard skiers there, maybe the only “real” ski town south of VT. Of course, my tastes for distant wonderlands lead me back to the regular hot spots as well; Jackson, SLC and Interior BC among others.

What was the setup for scoring that day?

We had been getting set up for week with good storm cycles building a solid base, we had a mediocre powder day last Sunday then 8 on Tuesday and 4 Thursday and 20+ inches in 24 hours starting Saturday, and resetting it all overnight for Sunday. I knew from skiing Tuesday it was getting really good and the weekend was a drop everything and make it happen moment. If you like powder skiing in the Mid Atlantic you better be able to drop your life, job and responsibilities like a bad habit to ski it while it’s there or its gone.

Is that “all time” stuff for WV or something you see annually? How rare was that day?

This is probably considered “all time”, our weather dips out of good pow usually after a day or two but this time the constant cold has locked it down for some of the deepest off piste conditions of the last few years. We usually get 1-2 really good cycles with a base each year.

What should we know about Mid-Atlantic shredding that is often overlooked?

We get snow! We have terrain! There are “real” skiers down here. We have moonshine! Snowshoe, Whitegrass and the backcountry around Canaan Valley is wild and rugged and gets the most snow in WV.  There are cliff zones up there in places like the Mount Porte Crayon backcountry that look like they were taken out of the Jackson, Targhee region. But you only get like 1-3 days in a good year that are good enough snow wise and none in bad years.

Tell us about your day job.

I own a Specialty Insurance Agency called AdventSure that handles all types of business insurance for the outdoor industries such as Liability, Workers Compensation and Property Insurance etc..  Bike & Ski shops, Guides, Sporting Goods Manufacturers, the Whitewater Industry, Ski Areas and any other outdoor related business or special event you can imagine.  I am expanding this year to handle more Ski Areas Insurance needs across the country, I originally received a Ski Area Management Degree and combined with my on mountain management background and 18 years of insurance experience I can’t imagine there is a better combination to be found to handle the insurance needs of Ski Areas and Shops etc. Besides, does your current agent even shred?