Skiing The Beast with Dan Egan

A fresh take on ski instruction

Words: Erme Catino | STE Managing Editor

Photos: Bill Jones | Snow East Magazine

Dan Egan and his crew of former X-Team members are some of the original East Coast born and raised big mountain rippers. While they were a major part of the ski-movie scene during the ’80s and ’90s, Dan Egan and several members of his crew (John Egan, Dean Decas, and the DesLauriers brothers) have continued their involvement within the ski industry through their on-mountain clinics. 

Earlier this summer, I interviewed Dan Egan regarding his speaking movie tour. Additionally, last weekend I was lucky to receive an invite to ski with Dan while he conducted one of his All Mountain Skiing Clinics at Killington, VT. Throughout this winter Dan has teamed up with Killington to provide a variety of programs for skiers looking to step up their game, and he is running them in addition to his adventure clinics taught with his former rat pack. I skied with Dan and his class on Saturday of the two-day program, and despite the marginal conditions it was super fun.


Over that dirt spot, air the mogul, and watch out for the blue ice

“This is my second time taking one of Dan’s clinics,”  notes Henry Barboza of Windsor, CT. Henry took his initial program at Sugarbush Resort 5 years ago being coached by Dan and his fellow pros. “I was feeling a bit rusty and wanted to do another,”  Henry explains further. Fortunately for Henry when you factor in the lift tickets, coaching, video analysis, and free lunch, the program was pretty affordable. Stratton Coleman, a 14-year-old girl from Gilford, NH was also stoked on the day, “it was great to ski with people older than me, and when you ski with Dan you never stop learning something new.” 


Henry stoked on his second clinic with Dan Egan

Dan’s clinics are a far cry from any other lesson someone may take. When skiers take a PSIA lesson, they are taught technique. In actually they are driven home technique until they are blue in the face. It’s a format that doesn’t quite make sense given how fun skiing is, and Dan makes sure to keep things loose while helping his skiers along the way. He bases his clinics on a diamond approach. Focusing on why you’re there at the top, with your will and emotion acting as the periphery, and technique at the bottom. “Dan’s way of skiing/teaching just clicks with me, he lets us ski and explore something new while freeskiing, then gives us a one line comment on something else to think about,”  notes Henry. 


Dan talking about feeling the space in between the turns

The day was full of fast skiing, gaping moguls, the occasional rooster tail to the face (sorry Amy), and everyone getting stoked on skiing faster and stronger. If you are a skier of any age or ability level looking to improve, or just looking to ski with rippers all day then these clinics are for you. Additionally, if you are looking to win the Ski The East Freeride Tour, then you definitely want to attend at least one day of these programs. Dan and John Egan didn’t just happen to fall into the scene in the “80s, they ripped and still do – so go chase them around the mountain and let them show you a few pointers.

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