Flyin Ryan IFSA Mountain Bike Sock

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Flyin Ryan Mountain Bike Socks will keep your feet cool and dry so you can keep pedaling harder and getting dirtier. These foot blankets are proudly made in Colorado by Save Our Soles sock company and features include:

• Flyin Ryan logo on one side of the ankle cuff, and IFSA on the other. These socks are a collab with the International Freeskiers & Snowboarders Association, the governing body of competitive freeskiing who is also a partner of the Flyin Ryan Foundation.
• Air Sole Mesh™ on the top of the foot for maximum breathability
• Sole Shield™ on the sole of the foot to protect the skin while wicking away moisture
• Sole Seam™ extra smooth looped toe seam for extra durability and comfort

CORE-SPUN COOLMAX® encases a Lycra® fiber core to create incredible moisture control, increased strength, and excellent stretch recovery.
COOLMAX® FABRIC has a larger surface area than other fibers allowing for faster, more efficient evaporation. The patented 4-channel design of COOLMAX® fiber pulls moisture out and away from the skin.

• 50% COOLMAX® fabric, 40% Nylon, 10% Lycra® Spandex

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Ryan Hawks was a dynamic human being with a passion and love for the mountains and skiing. He began his love affair with the mountains at the age of two and that love affair never ended.

The Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation was developed to INSPIRE young people to live every day all day and never stop exploring life; to EXPOSE them to the world of outdoor adventure; and to TEACH Ryan's principles of living and core values.

Ryan was a Burlington, VT local who grew up skiing Sugarbush and Mad River Glen, was a full-time competitor on the Freeskiing World Tour, and a personal friend and ski buddy of the Ski The East crew.

We encourage you to contribute to the foundation in any way possible.... whether it's the purchase of any of the offered products in the store, or if you decide to make a contribution to the foundation directly. Every little bit helps with the goal of building The Flyin' Ryan Hawks Foundation and passing the torch to the next generation of passionate skiers.

Shortly after Ryan passed away, his family discovered on his computer a document Ryan had written labeled: “Ryan’s Core Principles for Living.” Astonished by the simplicity and the reaction of those that read them, his family decided to share the principles with as many people as possible to inspire people to adopt their own principles for living. Below are the principles as written by Ryan…

Ryan's 14 Core Principles:

  1. Live every day, all day
  2. Never stop exploring life
  3. Never lose my adventuresome attitude
  4. Be the best friend I can be
  5. Be the best brother, son, uncle I can
  6. Play like I'm 13
  7. Look out for others
  8. Look out for myself
  9. Look out for our surroundings
  10.  Be self-sufficient
  11. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  12. Work hard 
  13. Live easy
  14. Live simply

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