Ski The East / Meathead Films Gnarshmallow! 
Now you can rip up the East from the comfort of your computer chair, couch, or mobile hotspot!  Totally custom-built for your pleasure…  bash the bumps, shred the trees, and ride our park where you can throw tricks over the Subaru Outback Meatwagon and the LINE skis Ape Man.  So go ahead, kill some time dorking it out in gamer land – we know you want to!  

Arrow keys to turn, spin, flip, brake, and butter
WASD keys to turn, spin, flip, brake, and butter

G or H to Lincoln Loop left and right

Z or J = mute grab
There are others to discover…

HOME will reset the skier

Click on the game if the keys don’t work

Turn on ‘Use Start Point’ if you want to always start your line from the same spot.

Level Editing
Click on ‘Options’ on the top left and hit the Edit button. You’ll be able to click and drag the level and certain terrain features around. Press ‘Zoom Out’ to get an overview of the whole mountain and move things farther.

Click ‘Ride’ (and Zoom In if you’ve zoomed out) to ride your new custom mountain. Click on ‘Options’ again to hide the menu.  Enjoy!