Who is Fair Trade USA?

We're proud to be partnered with Fair Trade USA who manufactures a large portion of our apparel. The Fair Trade factories that we work with need to meet high standards for safe working conditions and sustainability. These promote healthy communities and a healthy planet. Click below to grab yourself some Fair Trade certified Ski The East goods.

Much More Than Just a Factory

For every Fair Trade product sold, Ski The East pays a Community Development Premium directly to our workers in India. Collectively, they vote on how to spend the funds on projects that address local needs so that their families and community can thrive. These things can include building a childcare center or a library, providing healthcare services, or improving transportation.

Responsible Company

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action by all countries to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. These goals are everything from moving workers further from the poverty line to enforcing labor laws, all while maintaining the natural resources around them.

Empowering Workers

At Fair Trade certified factories, workers are met with a high level of standards for where they work. They are paid a livable wage, work in clean factories, and have programs within their factories to better the surrounding communities. Women are also given equal opportunity in pay and leadership roles.

Environmental Protection

Environmental and sustainable choices are highly considered at Fair Trade factories. Before, during, and after production, Fair Trade is cautious of protecting our planet such as being careful to not contaminate the water sources near the factory and to create a responsible amount of products.

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