Long Trail Brewing hopped in the lift line with us to create this magical Mountain-Inspired Hazy IPA with a knee-deep dose of citrus, pine, and tropical fruit hops to deliver a brew for those who want to keep the shred alive.
Available seasonally Autumn through Spring.

6.8% ABV
Just like pow... The fresher, the better.
Give a swirl/quick inversion to the can right before opening to ensure a uniform haze and balanced carbonation for the optimal pallet delivery.

Where to Buy
Ski The East Hazy Mountain IPA
512 Locations from ME to PA
*512 Locations as of 3/6/23


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Snow Gauge Stoke

Keep cold and measure the stoke of new snowfall all night long. Tally up to half-a-foot of pow with each can. How many brews will you stack this winter?

Straw-Golden Haze

Tropical, juicy-fruit bomb with pine notes. Lingering citrus sweetness on top of a light malt backbone. Turbid like fresh snow and well balanced like an all-mountain ski.

Psyched for Cold IPA

"We toured the factory, sampled the hops, and left with a car full of beer! Overall a good day on the job." – Geoff (STE co-owner)

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