Meet the ski bums

Geoff McDonald

Geoff "Big Ohio" McDonald grew up appreciating the small mountains of the Midwest, learning to ski on 264 vertical feet of pure fun. He moved to the Green Mountains for college and hasn't left. Now you can find him mashing moguls like a maniac on his 200cm+ 1990 K2 Extremes. For Geoff, the off-season consists of learning the bag pipes, coaching soccer, being a rad dad to 4 awesome daughters, and finding the best swimming holes in VT.

Chris 'Rooster' James

Rooster grew up in mid-coast ME , shredding the Loaf throughout his childhood. Now he jumps between Stowe, Jay, and MRG to find the goods on his K2 Reckoners. He dreams of ripping down secret stashes through untouched hip deep pow with his buds. In the off season he likes to ride waves, hike with the pup, and noodle on his acoustic guitar. Eating lobstah and whoopie pies are essential to life.

Ryan Rubino
Brand Manager

Ryan 'Rubini's Weenies🌭' Rubino is our Brand Manager, ensuring stoke amongst everyone. You can catch him at Stowe or Mad River on his K2 Reckoners shredding throughout the year. In the off season he likes to hunt for brookies, go for a swim, or hop on a bike to hit the trail. There is no off-season for Ryan's most important job, being a dad. He's got Dad Jokes intwined in his DNA that his two boys will come to appreciate. 

Cassie Lathrop
Product Design

Cassafrass is our in-house Designer, crafting each and every one of our products from the ground up. You can find her lappin' Carinthia on her days off, preferebly in the deep February chill, riding her Salomon Gypsy. When she's not embracing the single digits, Cassie is bagging one of the many VT high peaks or doodling in her sketch book. 

Pat Sheils
Video Production

Paddy is our Video Production Manager, delivering you the best content from the slopes and studio. Pat grew up skiing Saddleback and loves doing slushy park laps with the boys on his ARV 106s. During his time abroad, Pat got the chance to lap Copenhill, the world's first fully functioning ski slope and power plant. During the off-season, you can catch him exploring the mountains of New England, always with a camera in hand. 


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