2 Minute Work Outs #9: Jersey

“Come See For Yourself” is the state motto for New Jersey. When spring arrived early on the East Coast in 2010, the Meathead Films crew left in March to see for themselves what the state of New Jersey had to offer. They rounded up Sean Jordan and Shea Flynn for a trip to Mountain Creek Resort in Vernon, New Jersey. “One little problem was that it had just torrentially rained for days before our arrival and temps were forecasted into the mid 70s during our shoot,” says Meatheads’ Geoff McDonald. “So time was of the essence.” They met up with Peter Engen, Ryan Anderson and Mike Urich and used what was left of the snow to pile up features all around the mountain. And wouldn’t you know? Over the course of three days they hit up six features and brought back some legit ski footage from the depths of Jerz. Come see for yourself in the new film,”Work It Out.”

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