Beast Coast: The Finale


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We start this chapter off on the East Coast, riding with Cody Gushlaw (17) and Samuel Zahner (17). However, for this chapter we bounced out West as the inevitable snow melt begun. There, Sam Zahner, Chris Zembrzuski and myself met up with Mike Galdi (19) to hit up Breckenridge Ski Resort. We filmed over the course of three days. Although it was an absolute treat to go out West and stack tons of footage, our trip was in a way, cursed. We lost two skiers due to injuries, I got chased/fined by Breckenridge Security and than to top it all off, I lost some footage. The footage I lost was mainly of Mr. Galdi, on one of the days he threw down the hardest, but we were able to replace that footage thanks to his brother! So with that being said, enjoy The Finale!


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