Bush Bandits Ep. 9 – Sunny D’s Last Spin

Bush Bandits Ep. 9 – Sunny D's Last Spin from Sugarbush Parks on Vimeo.

April 2, 2017 a monumental day for the Sugarbush Parks Community; besides being the closing day for the 2017 season at Mount Ellen. April 2, 2017 was the end of a Sugarbush Parks legacy, the final day the Sunshine Double aka “Sunny D” would ever spin chairs. Sunny D has been at Mount Ellen since it’s humble beginnings and has serviced Sugarbush Parks for the past decade. Running parallel to our legendary big park on Riemergasse, Sunny D has established a community vibe that is truly unique to Sugarbush Parks. This installment of Bush Bandits is an ode to Sunny D for everything this lift has done for Sugarbush Parks and our community. Sunny D, you will be missed but not forgotten.

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Skiers: Zach Harrington, Charlie Dayton, Alex Harrington, Andrew Bock, Sean Flynn, Jackson Doremus, Alex Keimel, Joe Fusare, Ryan Funke, Sawyer Sellingham, Sam Miles, Christian Franchino, Mike Brewer, Tall T Dan

Film/Edit: Cam Willis
Photo: Ashley Rosemeyer
Presented By:
HG Skis, Saga, Black Strap, Treefort Lifestyles

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