Good Company Two Teaser = East Coast Heavy

Look who spent their winter in our neck of the woods. Odds are a ton of the best footage shot last year will continue to be east coast, which is good news for teaser season.

Tom Wallisch, X-games gold medalist, has teamed up with friends from all over the world to create something incredible. Based around the simple concept of good friends traveling and skiing together, “Good Company” brings you amazing ski action in an entirely new format. Kyle Decker and AJ Dakoulas have collaborated to create a film you have to watch.

Appearances By:
Tom Wallisch
Tim McChesney
Niklas Eriksson
Dale Talkington
John Ware
Chris Laker
Adam Delorme
Karl Fostvedt
Joss Christensen
Collin Collins

Tom Yaps
Tom Wallisch

Kyle Decker

AJ Dakoulas
Kyle Decker

AJ Dakoulas
Kyle Decker
Andrew Napier
Tom Arnell

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