LAST TRACKS Trailer – Mountain Theory Films

This two-year film focuses on the effects that climate change has on skiing and what we as a community can do to fight it.  It is time we look closer at this phenomenon that’s affecting all of us.  Skiers hold the power and drive to mitigate this change.  The ski industry is full of passionate people who consider the sport a lifestyle.  Let’s put that passion to use and save the snow.   The future of snow and skiing depends on your participation.

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Darn Tough
Powe Snowboards
Vermont Peanut Butter
SAP! Maple


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Isabelle La Motte and Micah Berman dove into their filmmaking careers during their time at the University of Vermont.  As environmental program graduates their films focus on big issues that affect both humans and the environments that surround them. Isabelle and Micah grew up skiing in the Northeast.  Their love for the outdoors and their desire for constant adventure fuels their passion for storytelling.

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