No Matter How #10: Euro-Urban Adventures

Will Wesson and Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (A.K.A – ABM) left the dwindling snow of America with cinematographer Shane McFalls to try their luck in Switzerland in March 2012. Although temps were reaching 80ËšF in Burlington, VT, the snowpack was still deep in the village towns of the Alps. It was there they met up with the Ortlieb brothers, Sämi and David, and began they’re quest for things to jump down, through and off around the town of Schwanden, Switzerland.

“No Matter How” is a behind-the-scenes and bonus footage webisode series chronicling the 2012 winter with Meathead Films. The series showcases just how the crew managed the season, dealt with the struggles and logged lots of worthy outtakes that never made it into the feature movie. The feature length film “No Matter What” was released on DVD and iTunes in the fall of 2012.

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