Prime Cutlets #5: Killington Kastle

Toward the end of the 2011 ski season Meathead Films organized an Easter weekend park shoot with Killington Resort in Vermont. With ample snow left over from the Dew Tour course, terrain park supervisor Jay Rosenbaum headed a crew that spent several days constructing features.

A 70-foot tabletop (with mini side booter) as well as a unique blocked out feature affectionately termed the “Killington Kastle” allowed skiers Will Hibbs, Evan Williams, JP Perry, Jake Doan, and KC Brousseau to work their airborne prowess. The sometimes fickle late-spring weather held out and the Meatheads were able to shred for three productive days. This Prime Cutlet features some of the tricks and camera angles that didn’t quite make the final version of the new movie.

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