Promised Land 4.6: Killington Mogul Mania


The last remaining ski trail in the east will bring out the bump bashers, fun havers, and some of the most dedicated east coast skiers out there. In many ways, what goes down at Killington in the late spring is a celebration of skiing. The outfits, characters, zipper lines and parking lot dance parties are all part of a scene that truly can't be found anywhere else.


Subaru of New England presents Promised Land: Season 4, the 17th annual production by Ski The East.


A Ski The East Web Series Proudly Supported by:


THIS EPISODE FEATURING The Hammer | Radio Ron | Hannah Soar | Omar Fernandez | Spencer Belsky | Adrian Hayden | and many friends!


Shot On Location At Killington, Vermont


Filmed by: Pat Sheils, Calvin May, Ryan Harris

Additional Filming by: Allie Rood

Edited by: Pat Sheils



Boy Harsher - LA

The Nude Party - Feels Alright

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