Promised Land 3.3 : Mad River Glen Forever

Mad River Glen has been an icon of east coast skiing for over 70 years. Known for its legendary single-chair and tight knit community, MRG boasts some of the best tree skiing around. The crew skis Mad River to harvest some powder in this installation of Promised Land, which makes for a great day at a storied ski area.

Skiing by: Ethan Holcomb, Shaun Roberts

Shot and cut by: Pat Sheils

Additional Footage provided by Rick Moulton

Photographs provided by MRG and Ry Young

A Ski The East Web Series Proudly Supported by:

Shot On Location at Mad River Glen, Vermont

Music: The Kinks - The Contenders

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Special thank you to: Rick Moulton for providing archival footage of Mad River Glen Ry Young and MRG for providing archival photographs of Mad River Glen. Thank you Rick and Ry!

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