Ski The East 2017 TEAM

Introducing our 2017 Team of Supreme East Coast Skiers.  These guys and gals tear it up on ice, crud, pow, slush, snowflex, moguls, metal, and cement.  With a mission to spread the gospel of eastern skiing, these diehards help carry the torch for our underdog region.  In short… they Keep The Shred Alive.

The Team:

Ben Leoni
The Hammer
Louise Lintilhac
Tyler Duncan
Noah Ranallo
Dylan Dipentima
Tim McClellan
Jon Steltzer
Ashley Maxfield
Zach Masi
Casey Arnold
Sam Gnoza
Bobby Sullivan
Nicky Hartmann
Fred Lavoie
Jacob Belanger
Andreya Zvonar
Brian Gardiner
Leigh Brandenburg

Get to know our shredders:  TEAM PAGE

A Tribe Called Red – “Native Puppy Love”

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