Working For The Weekend S3 | E7 – Return To Mt. Washington – Series Finale


It ends where it all began… on the most badass backcountry skiing mountain in the East. Behold the final episode in this groundbreaking series. Ben is wrapping up 3 seasons of this passion side project, Working For The Weekend, with one last trip to his favorite “rock pile.”

A huge thanks to all the viewers, fans, sponsors and support from the Ski The East and backcountry community! Although this series is coming to a close, Ben will continue to be out on the hill, exploring the mountains each winter.

For now… it’s back to work.

Music in this episode:
Palma Violets – We Found Love
Desert Island – Magnetic Fields

About The “Working For The Weekend” Series:

Now in its 3rd season, “Working For the Weekend” follows longtime Meathead Films veteran, Ben Leoni. Ben continues to live in Portland, Maine, and holds down a career as an attorney. He dreams of his weekends skiing in the mountains in between piles of paperwork. The 2015 & 2016 seasons kept him plenty busy with his job but he still managed to find time to get outside and explore.

Showcasing legendary backcountry zones as well as hidden gems around Maine, New Hampshire, and Quebec, “Working For The Weekend” continues its groundbreaking tradition of showing the best skiing the Northeast has to offer, without the aid of chairlifts. From deep powder to treacherous ice, Ben and his crew of friends embody the “earn your turns” mantra for the East Coast.

All episodes can be viewed here:­s/working-for-the-weekend

Flylow Presents: Working for the Weekend

A Ski The East Web Series

Featuring Ben Leoni

Additional Shredding In This Episode: Tyler Ray

Filmed On Location: White Mountains

Cinematography in This Episode:
Lincoln Benedict
Jim Surette

Edited by: Cam Willis

Proudly Supported By:

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