Aloha shredders! We've been back in the lab whipping up some summertime radness for you all. We brought back the Sun Daze Aloha Shirt in 2 new radical colors AND with an added bonus... SHORTS!!! We crossed the waist line and expanded our collection to create a bodacious warm weather kit.

Proud to support 1% for the Planet and created in a 100% Solar Powered Factory. This Fair Wear Certified kit is made from sustainable fabrics, and we built this wearable art to elevate any BBQ, shoreline, or spring slush it encounters. From the Hemp & Organic Cotton blend to the coconut-made buttons, it doesn't just look good, it feeeels good. Round out your seasonal wardrobe, get pitted, and keep winter on the brain all summer long.

Made With Hemp

Hemp is a naturally organic product. It requires one-third of the amount of water consumption needed for cotton; and can crop up to three times as fast.
Hemp is also naturally UV-protective, anti-bacterial, and up to 8x stronger than cotton – meaning you know this product is guaranteed to last.

Feel Good About It

Founded in 1999, Fair Wear is a European non-profit organization committed to integrating ethical labor standards into factories across the globe. Fair Wear engages directly with factories, trade unions, and government to certify and ensure garment workers’ rights to respectable pay and working conditions.

100% Solar Powered

From the soil to stems to spinning to weaving to printing to washing to sewing to packing- this garment was produced on 100% solar power baby.  

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