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Ski The East Freeride Tour Scoring & Judging

1. STEFT will acquire results handed down by event judges and scorekeepers at each individual event
2. STEFT staff will be official keepers of the ranking system for the STEFT
3. Top 15 competitors (1st place through 15th place) receive STEFT points
4. Tour competitor(s) with most points at end of tour wins the overall STEFT championship

Ski The East Freeride Tour Point System

Only the top 15 competitors from each event receive points towards the STEFT overall tour standings. Those who place 16th and below will still be listed on the Standings page in order to have the complete results from each event.

Place | Points
1st   |   100
2nd   |   84
3rd   |   71
4th   |   60
5th   |   50
6th   |   42
7th   |   35
8th   |   30

Place | Points
9th     |   25
10th   |   21
11th   |   17
12th   |   14
13th   |   12
14th   |   10
15th   |   8

Event Prizes / Awards

$1000 Cash Purse distributed at the STEFT Championships at Jay Peak's Extreme Competition, allocated to all male and female podium finishers (top 3 in each category).
At each of the 5 STEFT events, male and female alpine ski podium finishers will receive:
1) Ski The East prize package and additional prizes from event sponsors and host resort
2) Highest amount of points factored into STEFT rankings, making them strong contenders for winning the overall tour crown
4) Bragging rights for life

Each event's overall Best Line Award winner (male or female), deemed the "Biggie Smalls Big Air Award" presented by Bern Unlimited, will be awarded to a stand-out run that could be attributed to any single criteria or a combination of criteria including best air, most technical line, best trick, etc. This winner will receive:
1) Bern helmet and Bern prize pack
2) An ugly sweater and custom trophy on behalf of Bern and STEFT
3) Ski The East prize pack

THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OF PRIZES will be awarded to the top 3 male and female podium finishers by Ski The East apparel, STEFT sponsors, and resort sponsors. And depending on the specific tour stop, additional prizes might be awarded by host resorts for various categories, which can include alpine, telemark, & snowboard, with male & female divisions.

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STEFT is officially sanctioned by the International Freeskiers & Snowboarders Association (IFSA) and is ranked as a 2 star Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) event series. Therefore, STEFT events will uphold the rules and regulations established by the IFSA, including judging criteria and scoring parameters. Competitors must register as a member of IFSA and will receive points towards a national ranking among other IFSA members who are competing among the 70+ IFSA sanctioned events throughout the U.S. and Canada. Note that the Sugarbush Castlerock Extreme is not an IFSA sanctioned event, but still a part of the STEFT and our tour rankings, which is independent of IFSA's rankings.

IFSA Point System

IFSA has a separate national ranking system where STEFT competitors (with the exception of Sugarbush) will receive points based on a different point structure, and be ranked among all other IFSA members that compete throughout over 70 freeskiing events in the U.S. and Canada.


THE MISSION of the Ski The East Freeride Tour (STEFT) is to synchronize the Eastern freeride community by providing a consistent platform for collaboration, recognition, and progression of competitive freeride skiing and snowboarding, its individuals, and the mountains that are promoting this aspect of the sport in the region.

Prior to the founding of the STEFT in 2010, four competitions were operating independently of one another at Mad River Glen, Magic Mountain, Sugarbush, and Jay Peak. These events have become well respected, with some touting over 20 years of operation, and are the most prominent freeride competitions on the East Coast. By integrating each event into a collaborative STEFT, we’ve created the opportunity for additional camaraderie, prize offerings, and media exposure for the contestants, events, and mountain resorts that host them. Additionally, the STEFT implemented standardized judging criteria, scorekeeping, tour-wide ranking system, and registration fees, all with the end goal of creating the most consistent platform for crowning the best competitive male and female eastern freerider in a given year. For the 2016 season, Smugglers’ Notch joined the STEFT as another flagship event after creating their first ever extreme competition in 2013.

As of 2015, the STEFT officially realigned with the International Freeskiers & Snowboarders Association (IFSA), allowing all STEFT competitions to become officially sanctioned Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) 2-star events. This provides STEFT athletes who become IFSA members to gain points towards qualifying for national and international events, and makes the STEFT part of the family of 70+ freeride competitions occurring throughout North America.

STEFT generates additional awards for each of the five flagship events including the Big Air “Headliner Award” presented by Bern Unlimited that includes a helmet, streetwear, and a custom trophy; a mega Ski The East clothing and accessories prize package to all podium finishers as well as $1,000's in other hardgoods (skis & boots) and softgoods (jackets, streetwear, & accessories) from STEFT official sponsors; a $1,000 cash purse at the final Championship Stop at Jay Peak divided among the top male and female finishers; and a one year contract as an athlete on the Ski The East Team for the overall male and female STEFT champs.

The STEFT will receive tour rankings and event coverage on SkiTheEast.net with news articles, photos, and video edits. The STEFT will facilitate event awareness on a larger scale by garnering mainstream print and internet medias throughout the ski industry and beyond.

The bottom line:  The Ski The East Freeride Tour is offering the snowsports community the best possible event experience and promotions for the first and only freeride competition series the East Coast has to offer.

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