Limited Edition Print - Shred Daze

Limited Edition Print - Blizzard Wizard Limited Edition Print - Shred Daze
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Know how to Keep The Shred Alive like it's 1979...  Lean those 210cm way back and feel the cosmic awesomeness that is sliding on frozen water with pieces of wood and metal strapped to your feet, which are inside of a plastic boot that's made from polymers that are created from large molecules made up of smaller, joined-together molecules called monomers...  monomers join together to make polymer chains by forming covalent bonds — that is, by sharing electrons, which your body also contains in the amount of approximately 2.3*1028. We are the ski boot. We are everything that we see and cannot see. We only know what we know...  perhaps a bit dazed.

13" x 19" limited edition print. Only 300 made. Hand-signed and hand-numbered by Maine artist and ski bum, Cade Beaulieu

Professionally laser jet printed in Stowe, VT on 80lb cool white paper, matte vellum finish.

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