Wild Stallions DVD

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~ Nominated for "BEST JIB" at 2010 Powder Magazine Video Awards ~
~ Nominated for "MOVIE OF THE YEAR" at 2010 Powder Magazine Video Awards ~

Out on the frozen peaks and gritty streets of the East Coast, roams a mighty and majestic creature. Renowned for their endurance and aggressive behavior, Wild Stallions are notoriously elusive and rarely captured on film.

Meathead Films dedicated the 2009 season to tracking stampedes all over the Eastern U.S. and Canada range. In this never-before-seen footage, watch as stallions gallop across the countryside, navigating treacherously deep snow and bewildering urban terrain.

Learn about this misunderstood animal and what drives them to perform tremendous athletic feats in such a hostile environment. Shot in High Definition, 16mm and Super 8 film, Wild Stallions will prove once and for all, that some animals just can’t be tamed…

DVD contains over 2 hours of bonus features:
• Feature Length 40 minute Bonus Movie
• Feature Length 30 minute URBAN Bonus Movie
• Chic Choc Mtns. Bonus
• Forever Stowked movie
• Behind The Meat - BC Jumps
• Ben Cormier Edit
• Traveling Circus #6
• Ski Sundown
• Music Videos and more!

Sponsored By: Subaru of New England, LINE Skis, Kombi gloves, GORE-TEX, Vitamin Water, Clif Bar, SkiRack.com, Skiing Magazine, Ski The East, Madhouse Munchies

Wild Stallions Athletes: Will Wesson, Andy Parry, Dan Marion, Cedric TF, Clayton Vila. Shea Flynn, Justin Perry, Garrett Russell, Stacey Rachdorf, Ben Leoni, LJ Strenio, Sean Jordan, Nick Martini, Giray Dadali, The Hammer, Radio Ron, Jay Bowen, Asia Magriby, Tony Rossi, Alexis Godbout, Jon Brogan, JD Zicat, Erik Olson, Zeph Hallowell, Maude Raymond

Filmed On Location:
Stowe, VT
Mt. Bohemia, MI
Jay Peak, VT
Cannon, NH
Chic Choc Mountains, QC
White Mountains, NH
Tug Hill Plateau, NY
Sugarloaf, ME
Sugarbush, VT
Sunday River, ME
Big Boulder, PA
Blue Mountain, PA
Killington, VT
Mount Snow, VT
Various urban locales

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